We’ve been helping clients make sense of the communities for their health innovations since 1981.

Our Story

We started business as a small group of physicians eager, capable, and willing to interview some of the world’s leading clinicians and researchers about R&D projects in development. Our difference 40 years ago was that we offered clients a blend of clinical expertise, research know-how, and entrepreneurial spirit, all focused on matters of interest to them.
In the early '90s, diffusion of innovation thinking and key opinion leadership engagement started to develop in the life sciences. We were one of a small group of pioneering companies to develop a service where we literally sent people to public libraries to trawl through scientific publications to find the innovators and early adopters who had an interest in the areas our clients were working in.
In the early '00s we collaborated with our clients and created peer nomination research techniques suitable for the life sciences sector. We developed approaches to combine secondary research with primary interviews, to identify the people who had support, respect, and authority in areas where our clients worked. We heard those people called influencers, thought leaders and KOLs, but we referred to them as people that matter.
In the '10s we immersed ourselves in the seismic changes that have accompanied the development of the internet. We developed, trained, and learned how to access new data sets; work within different and changing data privacy environments; and deliver analyses and evaluations of data in ways that people can understand and act upon. We continued to offer our clients a blend of clinical expertise, research know-how, entrepreneurial spirit, and purposeful service.
At the start of the '20s we’re as excited as ever. We have matured as a business. We continue to study and learn and build on our deep understanding of influence, and how to measure and find it in the life sciences. We are unapologetically progressive in our business thinking and behaviours. We have built a reputation of being nimble and fearless in taking on new challenges. And we have embarked upon the process of seeking B Corp certification – focusing on the triple bottom line: People, Planet & Profit, in that order, always.

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