We combine diverse experience and backgrounds with a shared fascination for how healthcare innovations are adopted.


These are some of the people you’re likely to meet when you work with MMRG.   I bring structure, consistency, and quality control to the business. What makes me curious? “Nosy about the world” I’m intrigued about everything, and am nosy about the world. How things work, trying new things, different foods, countries and cultures, new people and ways of thinking. I’m interested in ways of working and how to unlock things for someone else, and so helping others to be better. I’m there from the start, ascertaining what clients need, shaping our proposal and structuring the research, extracting insights, and presenting the final results. For me, it’s about delivering more than clients ask for, by understanding what they really need and delivering interesting information they might not have known was possible. What makes me curious? “Reading places you in a very different time” I have broad interests including a love of reading – mostly 20th-century literature with a historical tinge. Two favourite authors are Knut Hamsun and Thomas Bernhard and although their styles and themes aren’t similar, their writing really places you in a very different time and place. I use machine learning to help our teams work more effectively and find insights that are not instantly obvious. What makes me curious? “I’ve always been interested in astronomy.” As a kid I had a telescope focused on Saturn, now I take photos with telescopes. I share my astro-images, especially of nebulae and distant galaxies in the deep sky (beyond our solar system) around 1 billion light-years away. My fascination is understanding the origins of the universe.   I work in the interface between our business and the world outside. I listen and seek to understand what each of the different parties want, need, and think. What makes me curious? People and politics. I've always been interested in politicians and governmental decisions. I wrote my first letter to my member of parliament when I was 14, and my most recent one in 2021.  

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Stephen Covey once remarked that experience is often overrated, “Some people say they have twenty years, when in reality, they only have one year’s experience, repeated twenty times.” We are mindful of this trap. But we can confidently say that we have experienced people in our business who are humble enough to know that yesterday’s skills are not enough, and that we need to continue to learn and change. It helps that we are fascinated by how healthcare innovations are evaluated, tested, accepted, and shared within their communities, and delight in finding new ways of understanding the world of life sciences.


We are an eclectic group, and our tastes are equally diverse. Food-based celebrations are key moments in our corporate life. We are proud to boast that we do not take our culture for granted. We are devoted to ensuring that we treat everyone we encounter – suppliers, collaborators, clients, each other, with authentic warmth and respect. We are challenging, but we are fair. We are disarmingly open and clear in the way we do business, conduct research, and communicate. But we are also fantastically sensitive and caring.


In an era where many people seem content, if not eager, to share every aspect of their lives online, we are by nature quite shy and private people. We are happy to talk about what we do, and why we think we’re good people to work with, but you are very unlikely to find us doing so on social media channels. All our clients require us to keep their work with us confidential, and in many ways, that suits us fine!

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