Case Study

Our People Are Overwhelmed

When MSLs spend their time Googling rather than engaging.

The Problem

As a medium sized company (8,000 employees globally) our client was worried about the workload on their ~400 MSLs in North America and Europe. After some debate and internal research, they discovered that prior to meeting an expert, clinician, healthcare professional, or policymaker, their MSLs were spending an average of 30-45 minutes per person searching the internet, in order to ‘get-up-to-speed’ on the person they were about to meet. They were concerned that this was not a productive way for their MSLs to work, but most importantly they were worried about the consistency of the research each MSL was undertaking. The Chief Medical Officer summed it up in one sentence: “We’re not sure that everyone is in the best possible place to engage professionally when they walk into the room.”

The Task

We were asked to create a solution that would take away from each MSL the need to conduct their own Google research. We were asked to develop a view of each Thought Leader that would give the MSLs confidence that they knew who they were about to meet, what they had done of note in the therapeutic condition, how they fitted into the therapeutic community, and why they were regarded as Thought Leaders.

The Outcome

For the past three years our client’s MSLs have been working with our Thecosystems App that delivers all the key information they need to know about Thought Leaders to their mobile phones.
The information is updated monthly, and the MSL team report that they are spending much less time conducting their own research. When surveyed, the MSL team (and their managers) say they are much more confident when connecting with people they don’t know, as they now believe they have more than enough information about them, and they can easily find ways to initiate conversations, and build rapport.


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