Case Study

We’re facing new competition

When a new perspective is required or when the market is changing.

The Problem

Our client had the only worldwide approved treatment for a common condition. They had enjoyed 10 exclusive years to build relationships with all the key experts, hospitals, and healthcare systems.
However, they approached us when they learned that a new competitor was 18 months away from being launched. Senior leaders felt they needed to get a completely fresh perspective of the landscape. They feared corporate complacency, but most importantly, they respected their new competitor. They imagined that if they were in the same place, they would be war-gaming, and thinking of unconventional and disruptive strategies to enter the market.

The Task

They asked us to research their world with fresh eyes. They tasked us with identifying the places, activities, people, groups, and bodies their competitor would most likely approach when entering the market. They promised us that at the end of the research study, they would compare our assessment of the therapeutic landscape with theirs (developed over the past 10 years).

The Outcome

At the end of the project we found that our client had already built strong relationships with ~60% of the people that the new research project had identified as KOLs. ~40% of the newly identified KOLs were unknown to the business.  Their competitor had already established professional relationships with 15 KOLs and 5 Patient Advocacy Groups that our client did not know about.


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