Case Study

We’re new to the area

When the whole therapeutic environment is unfamiliar.
Our customer acquired a company with a promising novel Phase 2 project. The problem they faced was that the therapeutic condition for this asset was completely new to the business. Unlike other areas in which they are experts, there was no corporate wisdom in the new area. No one in the business was able to boast of any experience of the field, the people, events, activities, or experiences of patients. They were literally starting with a blank sheet, and they want to immerse themselves in this new area.

The task

We were asked to create a therapeutic landscape view for the business. They wanted a way to equip multiple teams (R&D, Clinical Development, New Product Planning, Strategic Marketing, Market Access and Medical Affairs) with a clear view of the landscape, and so enable them to develop plans on where to conduct Phase 3 trials; who to engage as advisors; where to go when presenting future research results; and what the competitive environment was like, as they continued to develop the project.

The Project

This was a global initiative. Our client wanted a single source of truth that they could share across the business with confidence. They wanted to see everything and everyone that mattered: the events, policies, bodies, societies, professional associations, patient groups, healthcare professionals, economists, and other people, who were active and influential in the area. We looked back 10 years and gathered everything we could find in the public domain, researching in 26 different languages, to make sure we captured international as well as national work. Once the research was assembled, we worked with our client to home in on the people, bodies, groups, and institutions of interest to them.


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