Case Study

Which patient advocacy group should we talk to?

When your key influencers aren’t clinicians

The Problem

Our client had an asset in Phase 3 development. If successful it would be a treatment that would bring huge benefits to a community of sufferers who had not been recognised or served before. However, the patient landscape was completely unknown to our client. The one thing they knew was that there were hundreds of patient groups online. Some of them focused on supporting and caring for their community, others intent on lobbying for what they regarded as better treatment of an under-served and unrecognised group of people. The big question was, who should our client talk to and why?

The Task

We researched the area. We captured data about publications, events, speeches, lobbying submissions, leadership teams, and mission statements, in order to provide our client with an up-to-date perspective of the most active and influential groups in 30 different countries. We interrogated charity databases, to learn more about each groups’ finances. We reviewed and examined case law to determine whether historic legal cases that some groups had been involved in, were likely to pose any conflicts for our client. We interviewed people in different groups. To help us understand how they were structured and governed. More critically, we found out how each group regarded others, and whether they were willing to collaborate on future initiatives. Once completed, we brought the data and insights together, and equipped our client with the background, evidence, and know-how that enabled them to plan their future engagement strategies.


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