Get Some Perspective

We work with life science companies around the world, who want to make sense of the healthcare communities into which they plan to launch new innovations.
Our research and insights give them a richer understanding of the therapeutic world outside their business. We equip people with information that allows them to engage with clarity, perspective and confidence, with the experts, decision-makers, early adopters, and people that matter. 

Who Do We Work With?

  • Life science companies researching, developing and commercializing medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, devices, technologies, research platforms, even apps.
  • People from R&D, New Product Planning, Strategic Marketing, Brand Teams, Medical, Market Research, Market Access, Health Economics, Regulatory, Public Relations, Government Affairs, Patient Advocacy, Commercial, Sales and Medical Science Liaisons.
  • Businesses and people who understand that high-quality, in-depth, nuanced information about the people who matter to their innovations allows them to engage with confidence.

How Do We Help Them?

  • We take the burden and trouble associated with conducting research away from our clients. That allows them to shift their attention to evaluating, interpreting, and acting upon information arising from the data.
  • We use our know-how and experience as healthcare professionals to conduct research on the movers, shapers and leaders in any therapeutic condition, from common Type 2 diabetes to ultra-rare diseases such as PNH (paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria)
  • We are especially skilled data aggregators – bringing together data from thousands of sources, in hundreds of different formats, across a wide range of languages, updated at different times.
  • We turn raw, disparate, and messy data into usable information that helps people make better business decisions.

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