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As companies develop and prepare their healthcare innovations for launch, they need to connect with the outside world.

Innovators know that they cannot quietly develop a breakthrough therapy, device, or App, and then launch it with a fanfare.

All of the evidence shows that their target audience needs to be able to evaluate, consider, and debate the new innovation before it is released. The problem comes in finding the clinicians, prescribers, treaters, payers, policymakers, insurance companies, patients, and carers to connect with.

That’s where we come in.

We have the passion, interest, expertise, and experience to identify the people to talk to – at whatever point they are needed.

Here are just some of the activities that benefit from the advice and guidance of external experts:

  • Market development activities
  • Country planning
  • Brand positioning
  • Launch strategy
  • Lifecyle planning
  • Competitor profiling
  • Registration strategy
  • Customer and market segmentation
  • Patient experience mapping
  • Social media practices
  • Digital and diagnostic companion offerings
  • Regulatory dossier preparation and submission
  • Product labelling, prescribing information, and patient information
  • Real world evidence strategy and evidence generation
  • Product access strategy
  • Payer negotiations
  • Medical education strategy and execution
  • MSL training and deployment
  • Phase IV design

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