Are you talking to the right people?

We work with life science companies who want to learn more about the therapeutic ecosystems into which they plan to launch new products and services.
Our work gives them a better understanding of the therapeutic world outside their business and the people who really matter. We equip them with knowledge that enables them to engage successfully with the true experts, opinion leaders and influencers. We find the golden needles in the therapeutic haystacks.

Who Do We Work With?

  • Life science companies, consultancies, agencies, investors and therapeutic specialists.
  • People from R&D, New Product Planning, Strategic Marketing, Brand Teams, Medical, Market Research, Market Access, Regulatory, Public Relations, Government Affairs, Patient Advocacy, Commercial, Sales and Medical Science Liaisons.
  • Ambitious, strategic thinkers; people who recognise the fundamental importance of engaging the myriad key stakeholders outside their company to develop, prepare and launch innovations efficiently and successfully.

How Do We Help Them?

  • We do the heavy lifting. We mine messy and disconnected data sources to find the golden nuggets that help our clients identify the experts, opinion leaders and influencers who can help their new product development, their launch planning and decision making.
  • We are highly skilled data miners, organisers, and analysts. We go wide and we go deep. As healthcare professionals and specialists we know where to look and what matters.
    We bring together data from thousands of sources, in hundreds of different formats, across a wide range of languages, updated at different times; and we make sense of it all.
  • We do the hard graft and the skilled interpretation so our clients can focus their attention and resources on planning and executing effective and integrated stakeholder management across the full product development and launch lifecycle.

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