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COVID-19 Update

Hello to all our clients, partners, and friends,

It is May 2020, and lockdown continues.  All around us nature is bursting out, and Spring has truly sprung.  Interestingly, so has creativity.  From the schools, universities, charities, support groups, and family networks that we encounter, we have found incredible energy and creativity. 

One of our team’s daughter graduated last week.  Just under 1,000 graduands and their families logged in for a virtual graduation ceremony, on Zoom.

Apparently, it was inspiring, fun, amazing and joyful.  Some students created their own mortar boards.  Others made a cycle helmet, a baseball cap, and a colander work as their preferred cap to doff at the Faculty.  Unstuffy. Unexpected.  Unimaginable only three months ago.

The winner of our weekly photoshoot last week was Fergus with this elegant leaf.  (Each week during lockdown, we have all agreed on a Wednesday afternoon that we will leave our desks – and bedrooms, front rooms, attics, and under-the-stairs cupboards, and get some physical exercise.  During the walk, we take our best photo, the winner appears here!  It is getting more and more competitive.  And the photos are improving too.)

With all best wishes
Peter Joshua

May 6th, 2020

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