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COVID-19 Update

Hello to all our clients, partners and friends,

It is June 2020, and lockdown is slowly unwinding.  It has been an extraordinary period.  As a business we have been inspired by online webinars, YouTube presentations, and ‘Tales of the Unexpected’.  As citizens of the world, we have been deeply saddened and affected by the death of George Floyd, but also uplifted by the global reaction. We have committed ourselves individually and corporately to do our bit to make sure that change happens, and sticks.

On the business level we recently listened to a social media guru talk about how her world has changed.

Apparently, this expert has for the past few years travelled to Singapore to present at an international conference on social media strategies.  The conference has typically attracted the support of ~5,000 delegates, all willing and able to pay a hefty registration fee, hotel, and travel expenses to network and hear how to use social media channels to better effect.  This year, because of COVID-19 the conference had to be cancelled.  However, the organisers pivoted.  The usual registration fee was dropped from ~$2,000 to $50, and the entire event put online.

The guru now finds herself speaking to an audience of over 100,000 people online (from her home) instead of ~5,000.

Our challenge?  What is the equivalent in our world?


Keep safe, best wishes
Peter Joshua
June 2020


PS In our latest Covid-19 photographic competition, Saliu won with this atmospheric river shot.

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