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COVID-19 Update

August ‘20

Hello again to all our clients, partners, and friends,

Wherever you are, and whatever the state of your national lockdown, we hope that you, and those close to you, are faring well in these unusual times.

Our approach continues to be embarrassingly simple. We are open – physically, emotionally, and virtually.  Some of our team continue to operate from home (it suits them and their support/care networks).  Others are now in the office (whilst of course maintaining social distancing and unprecedented levels of hygiene).

So, if you need to talk with someone, give us a call.

If you need to discuss a project, we’re here and available to talk.

If you’ve got an intractable business problem, share it with us – we’ll tell you if we can help (and if we cannot, we’ll let you know who we think might be able to.)

Finally, our COVID Wednesday photo club continues, last week’s winner was Steve Piatkowski, who purportedly conceived and took this wonderfully balanced picture in a field near to his home.  Nice work Steve!


Keep safe, best wishes
Peter Joshua

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